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Seasonal Decor Transitions

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

The weather is changing and so is the family room in our home. As we swiftly change from pumpkin centerpieces to holiday reefs we know the decorative ideas can become a bit overwhelming. It’s okay to change ideas on a weekly basis as long as your color scheme is solid and visibily present. Opting for a more neutral and soft color will give you more wiggle room when deciding on your accent pieces. Finding decorative items that can be used for multiple seasons is every “interior decorator” dream. Pieces such as lanterns and woven baskets set the “look” of the room, while candles and serving trays set the “feel” of the room. Adding faux plants and artificial flowers can also the setting of the room. Making sudden yet settle transitions will always keep you ahead of the decor game. Luckily for you all of these items are available on our site and may even appear more than once in different sections. Stay tuned for more home decor suggestions, tips and ideas.

-Magically Made

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