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Florals No Fauna 💐🪴

Picking beautiful floral arrangements for indoor spaces. Views from an aspiring florist and thriving plant mom. -Ja’Nay Addison

Floral arrangements will always be a great eye catching décor piece that can be placed in any room for any occasion. When we think about flowers the first thing that comes to our mind is usually the color, and then shortly after is the placement. With a wide variety easily available at our fingertips, one would think that choosing the perfect floral arrangement would come easy. That is until you walk into the plant nursery or floral shop and are instantly blown away by all the options to choose from. Brace yourself ladies and gentleman the “Plantae” world goes deep and will welcome you with open arms.

“When floral arrangements flow seamlessly with our room aesthetics we buy more and place them in every room”

Erica Darring

Interior Designer (Brooklyn NY)


As silly as it may sound, choosing the right “Color” for your floral arrangement is important. Sure White Orchid flowers stand out, but will they be an eye sore in a room full of harvest decor for Thanksgiving perhaps? When we think of floral colors we love to lean towards colors that will stay nice and vibrant during the duration of our weekly “Tablescapes” and cleaning routines. A color that will pop whether styled as the focal point or as the set back piece. Color also is important to us because it often sets the tone of décor. Some of my go-to flower colors are Pink, Purple and Red.


Bright light and moderately moist soil is what quite a few flowers require such as Hydrangeas, while indirect sunlight and dry pot soil is what’s best for most Like the African Violet. Understanding how to care for your plant is super important for its liveliness and its color depends on it. One other super important factor that kind of ties into these decisions are the way we plan on potting our flowers. Some flowers love to be placed together in small pots while other flowers grow so fast and spread so quick that they may need bigger pots and vases. To learn the best care practice for your flowers and plants I always suggest that you visit plant nurseries, do your research and pick a flower that’s perfect for you.


We all know that in order to grow we must have space. Understanding that flowers have those same requirements allows us to make the buying process a little easier. Some flowers love to be placed together in small pots while other flowers grow so fast and spread so quick that they may need bigger pots and vases. One plant that I particularly love when its in full bloom is the Orchid. When you decide on the spot in your home that you want to place your flowers and plants there may be things a you have to adjust in the room just to make them more comfortable. These things could be as simple as opening the blinds or as complex as decluttering a ”Storage Corner”.

Texture & Feel

Flowers are our friends and just like us humans they love to be touched, felt and loved. Just as flowers are often used to brighten your day, they also need a little TLC to help them fulfill their purpose. Flowers grow in many shapes and sizes and once you explore the vast majority of them you‘ll find flowers that will compliment just about everything. A few flowers and plants that have some cool textures are Hydrangea, Poinsettias and Cactus.

Now that we’ve covered a few basics of the flower picking process, the next thing on our list is finding the perfect vase or pot to place them in. No worries, we got you covered. Explore our Living & Dining section for some of the best handmade and perfectly sculpted vases in the nation. Use code - VASE1 for a discount.

As this months featured writer I truly hope you enjoyed this quick read on purchasing the perfect plant for your home or office space. I wish you much success as a plant parent or flower enthusiast and look forward to seeing many of your arrangements.

With Love,

Ja’Nay Addison

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