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Bohemian Princess Decor

A Dive Into Its Themed Inspiration

This weeks home decor blog is dedicated to the founder of Magically Made (Ms. Diamond Higgs)

“May the wind blow while my hand crafted decor pieces glow”, a statement you may often hear her quote as she gracefully create beautiful home decor pieces. With the view of the ocean at her fingertips (because she definitely isn’t on tropic time at the moment), her creativity is something that flows effortlessly. Bohemian decor is her favorite and she create it well. From crochet throw pillows to macrame wall hangings her keen eye for threaded decor always prevails. One therapeutic quality that derives from her bohemian collection is the Dyeing/Coloring process that she incorporates before creating. While going through the process she allows her young son to get his creative juices flowing by letting him mix and soak the fabrics. All of the color patterns are unique to his liking and often times include colors that are one of a kind. As you browse and shop through this collection one thing that will stand out (aside from the colors of course ) is “Texture”. Each fabric and textile was specially chosen through our extensive vetting process. With lots of room for the soft & plush yarn and thick & sturdy cording we made sure to cut no corners when creating this selection. May this collection bring you all the joys that a true bohemian princess desire.

Stitched with Love & Crafted with Care

Magically Made

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