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10 Renter Friendly Decor Option

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Designing a home whether leased or owned, you always have that same first thought that comes to your head “How do I make this space perfect for me?” Though we may not always have the lead way to paint walls, mount fixtures, or hang paintings we do have other alternatives that we can use that look just as great. Outlined below we listed some of our favorite renter friendly tool options. Check them out.

💫Removable Wall Paper

💫Indoor house plants

💫Washi Tape

💫Tension Rods

💫Peel & Stick Tiles for Backsplash

💫Change Light Fixtures

💫Damage Free Curtain Brackets

💫Change Your Shower Head

💫Peel Free Removeable Tape

💫Command Strips

All of these items can be used for just about any household/office space. Be sure to check our website more renter friendly ideas.

Once you have all the tools you need to complete the interior of the room you then want to start adding some beautiful decor pieces. Your starting point is totally optional, for we have seen some people start with the vanity & table tops first while others start with the wall figurines and hangings. This is also a great time to determine the FEEL of the room so you want to start thinking about different textures and hues and to play with.


Placement Tray-

Often referred to as a “Vanity Tray” these trays are the first thing we see and use. Place things such as candles, mini books, pretty vases, or succulent decor on the tray and watch it instantly come to life.

Welcoming Scent-

There is honestly ”No Better Feeling” than walking through the door and inhaling a fresh scent. Whether its a clean crisp smell, a sweet succulent scent or maybe something airy and obsuleque. The scent will definitely change your mood and make you feel good once you enter the room. Some things that we recommend are the ”Glade Small Space Scents” the Air wick scented mist diffusers or the traditional 3 Wick Candles. They all will make your room smell amazing while safely stored and out the way.

Dazzling Light Fixtures-

Bright lights and dazzling fixtures often set the scope of your room so you want to make sure that every fixture is bright and wonderful. There are a variety of different wall scones and floor lamps that will complete any room so the hard part is always knowing what you want to try out first. We have a few our carefully picked lighting options on our website for

all decor enthusiasts.

You see, staging your apartment, or rental home doesn‘t have to be hard, you just need all the right items to complete your look. Once you start adding beautiful pieces to each room your house will then become a home.

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- Your Creator And Chief

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